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04 juillet 2023

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Invitation to interactive zoom discussion meetings in Kehlen on topics related to child & youth education to the population of Kehlen and surrounding


Informations générales

04.07.2023 - 03.07.2023


Organisateur : Communauté Baha'ie de Kehlen

E. : fari.khabirpour@gmail.com


Education to peace is not confined to a given place. It takes place everywhere. And we are, each and every one of us, responsible for building peace. We tend to hold others responsible for this, as though, individually, we were powerless to act in that direction. 

Now, if we are to establish peace in this world, we need to know that peace begins first and foremost with ourselves. That implies that we must find inner peace and inner freedom. The question is: how can we attain that state? Inner peace and inner freedom are interdependent. And both relate to inner unity. Inner unity means that no conflict is rampant within us. 

Sujet qui sera discuté et animé lors de cette soirée zoom par Fari Khabirpour, psychologue et psychothérapeute.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87048975857?pwd=eVJkRVBEK1pBNnZ WOCs5S0R5NS83QT0
ID de réunion : 870 4897 5857
Code secret : 390944 

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Communauté Bahá'íe de Kehlen


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